"I've been to various chiropractors but what I find different with Casey is his care and concern. He asks the right questions and seems to know exactly where to adjust in order to relieve tension and pain. I wouldn't go anywhere else – it's a wonderful atmosphere."


"There's no one who's been able to provide relief like Casey. He's personable, knowledgeable and pretty much the best chiropractor I've been to in 38 years. If you're not getting the chiropractic care you need, I'd highly recommend seeing Casey."


"Our family's gone to Casey since he first opened his doors. He's very flexible and accommodating. He's always willing to take the time to listen and you don't ever feel like you're being rushed out the door. He's great with kids too. Would highly recommend to anyone."


Conditions We See

Common Ailments We Work To Address

How We Can Help

Treatment Methods We Utilize

Adjustments + _

We offer a Palmer adjustment package with a primary focus on the Gonstead-Diversified technique. Adjustment protocols are catered to each patient's needs and preferences. Other techniques such as Thompson, Toggle, Activator, and Flexion-Distraction may be used as well.

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The Graston Technique + _

We are a Graston-certified establishment and actively use the instruments associated with that methodology to achieve results that a typical chiropractic office might be unable to attain. To learn more about the Graston Technique and how it works, please visit their website.

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Physiotherapy + _

Pain from automobile or work-related accidents, as well as athletic injuries, can often be improved with ultrasound and electric muscle stimulation.

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Strength Exercises + _

Stretches and strengthening exercises are offered in-office and strongly encouraged for all patients.

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Cold Laser Therapy + _

Effective for enhancing healing and reducing recovery time. Research has shown it's also useful in the treatment of arthritis, tendinitis, and many other chronic conditions and joint disorders.

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Kinesio Taping + _

Kinesio tape is an elastic cotton tape used to decrease swelling and relieve pain from a variety of physical conditions. It can also be used to retrain muscles and improve range of motion in joints.

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Nutritional Coaching + _

We offer nutritional and wellness counseling and are happy to work with those looking to take a more active role in improving their health. We also offer recommendations for potential nutritional supplementation specific to your needs.

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We welcome all patients searching for a new practitioner or those beginning chiropractic care for the first time.


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